Watercolor Poetry A Journey Through Intentional Emotional Power

Watercolor Poetry A Journey Through Intentional Emotional Power

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Watercolor Poetry

A Journey Through Intentional Emotional Power

Emotions have a way of transporting us to new experiences. Emotions are such powerful vehicles: yet without intentional steering, they have the potential to take over our personal journeys; leaving us feeling uprooted and ungrounded in our lives. 

Examples of this are the emotional journeys set in motion by recent events, news stories, our relationships, traumatic events. 

But - what if we were on the driver's side of our emotional journey and harnessed the power of our emotions with intention? What if we allowed ourselves to take the power of our deep emotions and use them for a purpose (releasing, reconnecting with our inner wisdom, and creating something new in our lives).

The purpose of this class is to do just that. We are going to use the power of evocative poetry to summon complex emotions within us and intentionally direct them. We will summon our emotions, learn to understand them and express them through the power of creativity utilizing watercolors and writing. 

This 90 Min class will be an opportunity for us to advance our emotional vocabulary and take back ownership of our feelings.   

We will recognize when we have been moved off our emotional center by establishing an emotional setpoint (see workbook).

From there we will create our emotional scale and understand when it is time to pause and release the overwhelm of emotional overload

 We will then use the power of our emotions and direct them into creative containers (painting and writing) to release overwhelm and enhancing our creativity. 
You will be emailed a PDF Workbook before the class. We will go over the workbook during the class.

Class is 90 min.

Computer (class will be online)
(you can use a coloring alternative (markers, pens, etc) if you don’t have watercolors)

Registration is Now Closed. Please email if you would like to be notified when this course is offered again.