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Hi, I'm Elizabeth

I am a self-taught abstract artist, writer and teacher. I teach others how to reach peace and release anxiety through my unique healing and coaching methods of integrating creativity and meditation. 

I am a featured column writer with CancerWellness magazine, a meditation guide for Northwestern University and I have taught art and meditation workshops to numerous clients and teams. I also mentor individuals and have had incredible feedback from my clients.  

I started this journey with one idea that I had when I was a very young child: “There must be something more than this." 

I was a worried child. I was very shy and awkward with an extra dash of anxiety. My external world was chaotic and I was carrying that internally. Even at the young age of eight I knew there was a better way to feel and be in the world. I just had no idea how to get there.

Tremendous calm. 

A few years later, I lost a loved one to suicide and it truly devastated my world. My anxiety was at an all-time high and I was living out of my light. There must be more than this, the thought I had as a child was once again making itself known. It was at this time I began to explore the healing arts. I started to learn about the unseen world of energy that makes up our entire reality. I learned that our experiences live on inside of us and can keep us stuck until they are processed and released.  I learned about chakras, energy, meditation, and intuition. I learned about vibration and the concepts of frequency. I learned that we are all vibrational bodies with incredible spirits housed within them.

I have used the tools I teach to catalyze my personal growth and healing. It is my mission to share these tools with the world. I believe that everyone deserves to feel centered and living in a state of internal calm. When we are not, it is often because there is simply a release process needed.  

I have learned that if the voice in your head is unkind to you, it is not your voice. Your energy loves you and the moments in life that keep us stuck are reminders that it is time to move forward. I am here to help us all take a giant leap forward.  

Do you want to join me?

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