Triggers and Emotional Pivots

Trigger events come up to allow us to heal. Listen in as I share three triggering events that showed up in a row and how I was able to pivot emotionally, which was a game-changer. 

I think it is important to realize that when these emotional events show up it is not to drive pain in, but rather to gift us with a chance to clean up old emotions and to heal our timelines. 

I share how to emotionally pivot in an instant and not take on the energy of a negative experience. 

Download the pdf that accompanies this episode on the podcast page.  

Here is a link to a pdf that illustrates how to ground your energy. Print it out and keep it as a reminder to remove any layers of energy that hold you back from feeling good. It is always good to shift your energetic patterns after a long day of interacting with others, regardless of whether the interaction was positive or negative. ❤️




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