Podcast: No Worries Wednesdays

  • Podcast Origin Story and a Meditation

    Podcast Origin Story and a Meditation

    This episode is one from the archive and explains the backstory behind No Worries Wednesdays. I share how I navigate the throws of anxiety and overwhelm with art, perspective shifts and meditation and how you can too!

    The episode comes with grounding meditation and a creative exercise to help you find relief and self-empowerment!

  • Tea with Our Shadow Side

    Can we receive benefits from embracing our shadow side?

    In today’s episode we look at our shadow sides and demystify their relationship with us.

    Why are the shadows here?
    How do they serve us?
    Do some have personalities?
    When is it ok to lean into the shadows within us?
  • Mental Health and Movement: Interview with Dancer Alia Montijo Pt. 2

    Listen to part two as I discuss mental health tools with Alia Simon Montijo an internationally renowned dancer. She discusses her background as an artist and her journey as a woman, processing life through movement, healing from trauma, resist the call of opioids and choosing to transcend pain through art.
  • Obstacles are Gifts in Disguise

    There will always be obstacles and unforeseen challenges when you are growing. Listen in to hear how I rediscovered this the “hard” way.  Growth i...