Psychic Carolyn O'Neill Teaches Energy Mastery

Psychic Carolyn O'Neill Teaches Energy Mastery: this energy teacher shows you how to protect your energy at all times.
She teaches us how to feel safe secure and grounded and centered and protect our energy. She also dives into energy basics and teaches us about the aura, chakras and grounding cords.

You will learn:
How to tune yourself and your environment for optimum energy and protection.

How to choose what vibration you want to be at and then set the tone for your aura and your space.

How to set the vibration for the room/office/environment where you are.

She gives us powerful insight and instruction into owning our personal space

She discusses how we are affected by the world when we all witness events and traumas together and what to do about it.

The power of letting go.

What is neutrality? When do you allow yourself to use it?

How to move on and not keep harbouring the past.

Her journey as a psychic.

Uncovering what is your truth vs what you have adopted from your environment.

What is the true energy of freedom?

Buckle up this is a fantastic energy ride.

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