Podcast: No Worries Wednesdays

  • Mental Health and Movement: Interview with Dancer Alia Montijo Pt. 1

    Listen in as I discuss mental health tools with Alia Simon Montijo an internationally renowned dancer. She discusses her background as an artist and her journey as a woman, processing life through movement.  She accesses her vulnerability and strengths as she shares how she surmounted rejections, moved through emotional pain and physical trauma with the art of movement.
  • Obstacles are Gifts in Disguise

    There will always be obstacles and unforeseen challenges when you are growing. Listen in to hear how I rediscovered this the “hard” way.  Growth i...
  • Meditation to Release Others from Your Energy Space - Energy Clearing

    This meditation is perfect for when you feel overwhelmed and energetically out of alignment.  We don't realize that after countless days, weeks, an...