Tips for Dealing with Mental Exhaustion and Anxiety in an Uncertain Time

💜 Be gentle with yourself.

💙 Accept your limitations.

❤️ Create your inner oasis.

It is easy to want to go about activities as normal and even to overcompensate and appear that you are unaffected, but the truth is it’s extremely normal to be extremely abnormal during a time like this.

If you are like me, someone who is already very sensitive and absorbs a lot of information on an emotional level, then the state of the world as it is comes with a large dose of overwhelm and anxiety. Feelings are even more heightened at this time combine that with being a parent, or working full time, or both, or having the stress of a loss of income and the complete unknowingness of how things are going to become stabilized, it is easy to let your mental health to simply slip away.   

it’s essential that we begin to move slowly or more slowly and that means taking time to do what needs to be done to create quality for the fundamentals in life.  The fundamentals I’m talking about are cultivating connection with yourself, with your needs, with the children in your life, with the people in your life that you love. 

Start there.

That foundation building requires only what you have at your disposal: a hug, a deep breath or a version of self-care that calms your soul and reclaims your mind.

Cultivating a sense of stillness (or slowness) will help you tremendously right now.  I personally know that when I’m stressed I tend to move quickly because my mind is racing and I’m overcompensating with over-actions (doing too much). This only raises my cortisol levels and leaves me feeling defeated and exhausted with nothing really accomplished. 

So these days I’m finding that when I’m getting stressed out (and now I can’t leave my home and I can’t distance myself from anyone) I have to find my quiet internal place of peace 

I have begun to cultivate an oasis within so that I can effectively retreat to it when I need to disconnect from my world.  By doing so I quickly establish a much-needed connection with myself which gives me the fuel I need to reconnect with the external world. 

This stepping out and connecting to your own inner oasis can be as simple as listening to your music on headphones while you do a chore, or getting up before everyone else and sitting in silence on the couch (or not sitting in silence and watching a guilty pleasure show on tv), my personal favorite is the extra-long hot shower.  And to be honest, there have been days two or three hot showers because I really (!!) needed to get away...It’s within these moments inside my personal oasis that has really large dividends for my mental health. ⭐️

Where do you have your moments of peace? What is your internal oasis? Let me know here in the comments. It can easily help someone else to get an idea of how to cultivate something similar for themselves. 🌹

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