The Greatest Gift

I write original meditations and lead guided sessions three times per week. I often base content generation on a few guidelines:

  1. Events of the world (how is the state of the collective heart?)
  2. Timing of the season (is it holiday time, end of the school year - what is the “busy” meter of the world. (how is the mindset of the world?)
  3. How I feel personally - sharing what is going on with my experience in the world today.

While the first two are relevant and often spot on, the last one may be the most significant as it is what gets the most response after meditations. Why? Because it is the one that connects me most to my audience. 

Despite having created wellness content, online courses, personal coaching and art inspired wellness workshops, I still forget something.

It's the same thing that most of us forget: We are not alone in "this feeling moment."  

I wrote previously in my blog that I was creatively blocked for some time because I was too focused on getting tasks done and lost my connection with balance. It was hard to carry this feeling as an artist and it was almost embarrassing to admit it out loud. So I didn't. When people would ask me about my artwork, I would quickly change the subject. I felt ashamed to be blocked.  

I finally shared it with a friend and fellow artist and to my surprise, she rolled her eyes and said, "Oh man, yes me too. Big time!" She went on to reveal that with covid, having a toddler and a recently sick husband, she was feeling as depleted as I was. She was relieved that she was not alone in this.  

It's amazing that we somehow still feel alone (and sometimes embarrassed) with our feelings, when in fact we rarely are. There is almost always someone in our lives that is feeling the same way too.

I remember this when I create my content and in doing so I believe I create media that inevitably reflects the collective experience. In showing up as myself to serve, I am giving my vulnerability, my truth, my story. That is where the real connection comes from - this is the greatest gift we can give to each other. Our authentic selves.

For my audience, it is a powerful reminder that we are not alone. 

The feedback is amazing and immediate. There is a collective sigh of relief in the connection. There is a freedom in being reminded - "wow we are not alone in all of this. I don't have to carry this feeling by myself."

Creating from the heart has the most significant impact on my audience. It falls under the golden rule and it also allows me to show up as I am. And for me, that is the greatest gift. 

What do you think?



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