• Tips for Dealing with Mental Exhaustion and Anxiety in an Uncertain Time

    It is easy to want to go about activities as normal and even to overcompensate and appear that you are unaffected, but the truth is it’s extremely normal to be extremely abnormal during a time like this.
  • Peace from Within

    We are constantly being knocked off our blocks by the events of life around us. Despite consistent efforts to preserve our mental health, one glanc...
  • Bloom

    What would bloom in your garden today?

    If we think of our thoughts as seeds and our feelings around those thoughts as fertilizer, what would bloom in your life today?

    I have this personal theory that everything shows up about three days later. I think that the thoughts we think begin to show up in our world as experiences in about three days. I have no scientific evidence backing this up, but it does allow for some personal leeway and accountability.

  • Releasing the Old

    Letting go of outdated energy is not often voluntary. When our energy system gets overwhelmed with what we need to let go of, it rebels. Dis-ease in the body, sadness in the mind, over worry or cloudy thinking are all symptoms of holding on to too old much energy.

  • Love Letters from Your Future Self

    I had given myself a small goal today. When I completed it, I felt so overwhelmingly joyful it confused me. Why was I so excited about completing this very small task?