Removing Creative Blocks with Balance

I have begun painting again. It is such a glorious feeling. It is funny to say that I have BEGUN painting again but for so many months I was creatively blocked. 

What I noticed most is that creativity is a flow. It is like an ocean: constantly ebbing in and out.

But, if the ocean were put into a glass, it would become a glass of water and nothing more. Its spark would dim. 

So how does that translate for us/me / being creatively blocked?

As creative individuals (which we ALL are) we place our creativity into containers known as focus points. Normally this serves us well because the focus point creates an ebb and flow with us, the creators.

Examples of creative containers can be canvas, dancing, composing music, cooking...etc.., focus points that are activities that are satisfying and inspiring. They tap into our hearts, our intuition and our minds.

These are considered feminine or receiving activities. It is like the ocean state uncontained yet focused: unlimited, powerful and transforming.

However, when we shift our focus points to non-creative or mentally taxing activities such as managing to-do lists, organizing multiple activities, running tech systems, etc we place our creativity into containers that are less receptive and more rigid. We are not in a state of flow, but rather a state of highly controlled focus with a set endpoint that may or may not be very satisfying.

These tasks are unavoidable, they are part of our world. I was doing more of these types of tasks than imaginative and creative ones. I had stepped out of having a balance between the two and became more focused on my "to-do" lists than my "to-be" list.

In short, I began to cut myself off from the ebb and flow of my creativity.

The days were so long. So filled with tasks, and at the end of the day, I was just too tired to START to make artwork. I just wanted to sit down and do nothing. Can you relate to this?

Too many of those days resulted in my muse slowly backing away from view.

But then something changed (...I'll write about that another time) and I began to create! New ideas started coming in and my canvas was soon beginning to fill with colors, shapes and depths. I was in an ebb and flow state with my creative ocean and the muse I longed for had returned. And she was loud. It's an incredible feeling of return.

Now the trick is:

Creating the Balance.

The problem was being out of balance between the have-to-do" items and the "want-to-do" items. Something I am finally learning to do. Cultivate balance within my day to make more room for my creativity to play.

Ok, so what about you?

⭐️Do you feel in balance with your life?
⭐️Do you feel in touch with your muse?
⭐️Do you feel like you are in a creative flow or
⭐️Do you feel like your muse has left the building?

I would love to know how you create your balance and how you claim your creativity, let me know in the comments!

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