Releasing the Old

Letting go of outdated energy is not often voluntary. When our energy system gets overwhelmed with what we need to let go of, it rebels. Dis-ease in the body, sadness in the mind, over worry or cloudy thinking are all symptoms of holding on to too old much energy.

Think of a computer: when the hard drive is overwhelmed with too many files and outdated programs It freezes. It gets stuck. It starts acting very strange. Sound familiar? It is the same with us. When we are running outdated programs (energy) our hardware (mind/body) gets stuck.

But unlike computers, we have the luxury of being in charge and releasing what is no longer working.

There are so many ways to do this. 

Immediately available ones include:

  • Set a timer for three minutes and write without pause nor censoring yourself. Just purge what is on your mind. You can throw this paper away if you like, or review it from a less mentally taxed perspective.
  • Play some calming music and grab a pen/pencil and a piece of paper. Draw geometric shapes all over the page. Do this for at least five minutes without stopping. Allow some of the shapes to overlap while you continue to draw. Allow yourself to immerse yourself in the shapes and the drawing. This frees your mind to begin to process and sort the build of up of energy while your creative flow signals to yourself that it is safe to begin to release what no longer serves you.

These are just two of the many ways you can begin to regulate your energy system by releasing what you no longer need. I find it interesting that we clean our outsides regularly but never prioritize the cleaning of our internal selves. Prioritizing this can shift your world completely.

What are some areas/things /people/situations you are ready to release?

For me, a lot of the release work that I notice centers around my “doing-ness”. Have I done enough? What didn't I do? Did I do it right? What could I have done better? The mental rodeo is often a result of overtaxing my internal system. When I step back from that and allow myself to release the build-up I find I am much kinder to myself. ❤️

And as a bonus point, after the energy has been released you begin to make room for new energy to flow in. That is when the delight of intention setting can begin. We'll talk about that another time. 

Are you ready to release right now and make room for the new? 

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