Peace from Within

We are constantly being knocked off our blocks by the events of life around us. Despite consistent efforts to preserve our mental health, one glance at the news can dismantle our internal compass and leave us feeling lost in a wilderness of unchecked emotions.

A few thoughts come to mind about the recent shooting of a child in my hometown:

There is a severe lack of mental peace within the world we live in. When we consistently witness the personification of this in action it confronts our own mental and emotional health. This can easily create a snowball effect within us leaving us feeling hopeless, scared and angry.

Our current consciousness requires a paradigm-shifting overhaul that prioritizes peace and wellness in line with eating, breathing and sleeping. Where are we on this journey? The most important question here is where am I? Where are you? When we answer that question as an individual then we can answer it as a collective. In essence, this priority shift must begin with ourselves individually.

Each day we should incorporate mental health exercises into our routines and rituals until our foundations are so solidly built on an internal reservoir of peace that we (as a collective) are not reacting to life with violence and death as a response to survival, but instead responding to the world around us from a place of peace and self-love to cultivate a world we can all thrive in - not a world we are simply trying to survive in.
My gift to you today is a meditation movie I created which you can find at this link:

I hope that it can be part of a foundation of peace within you today.

Much love,

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