Love Letters from Your Future Self

I had given myself a small goal today. When I completed it, I felt so overwhelmingly joyful it confused me. Why was I so excited about completing this very small task? In fact, within the days leading up to this moment, I had completed a ridiculous number of much more taxing feats, but none of them resulted in this level of inner applause. So why was my reaction to this small task so disproportionately large? 

Here’s the hint: the action step I completed today was fully outside of my comfort zone.

Additionally, it was directed entirely by my future self. 

The feelings that resulted were exuberant because they were in anticipation of the new. There was a boomerang of energy from me today to my future self and back to me today. That boomerang was a love letter from my future self thanking me for moving forward with intention. Those everyday tasks I had completed just days prior were of no emotional consequence because they simply anchored me more deeply into my current reality. 

While my current reality is very comfortable, and I am grateful for it, there is a very little thrill in remaining the same. At least not for me.    

It isn’t too often that we begin to make significant changes to our current reality without a pressurized need for doing so. In this case, there was not a motivation of discomfort, but rather a motivation of ‘what else is there? “, which is a very wonderful energy to work with. 

I’m intentionally creating changes in my life based on an ideal next step and in doing so I am breaking out of my comfort zone with curiosity and excitement. The thrill that comes from each action step I take on the “what else is there?” journey is connecting me with all the potential energies of a reality that has not yet cemented, but one rooted in possibility. That is exciting. It’s dialling into the flow of what is next for you in your life on purpose. And because I am wanting to do it, not needing to do it, there is very little resistance and quite a lot of limitless joy. 

When is the last time you felt that feeling?  

Where in your world can you ask “what else is there for me?”, and what step can you take to move in the direction of sublime wonder? There is joy waiting for you on the other side. I promise. 


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