How to Communicate with Your Body to Feel Better

I started feeling a bit overwhelmed recently. It was a shift that I didn’t like. I had meditated earlier and got into a good place that morning but by 9 pm the night before I felt rather "meh". I was feeling fragmented and ungrounded. I was not in alignment with my wellness at all. 

I remembered an easy method to communicate with the self-called kinesiology. I decided to give it a try. There is a link to it below.  

I did a simple check-in with myself using a muscle test to establish where I was out of whack. I did the following:

  • I stated out loud that I would accept the answers as they were given
  • I took my index and thumb and touched them together on both hands
  • I looped both of the closed fingers within each other to form a chain. 
  • I asked myself a question I knew was true
  • “Is my name Elizabeth Margaret Tuckwell?” 
  • I pulled forcefully in opposite directions and was not able to break the chain - the answer was Yes
  • I then asked “Is my name Basquiat?” (the first name that popped into my head )
  • I pulled forcefully in opposite directions and was able to break the chain - the answer was No.

After that, I asked a few more questions about why I was feeling this way. I started to communicate with my body. 

Am I dehydrated? Yes

Am I working too much today? Yes

Do I have a lot of other people’s energy on me? Yes 

As someone who works in wellness and holistic healing, I often have an emotional connection to my clients. If I am not careful, I can begin to take on some of their energy. I do not doubt that this was the case.

After I got to the root of why I was out of alignment I was able to do something about it. I did a quick grounding meditation using my anchor technique and I set the intention to release anyone in my personal space what was not me. I followed this up with a shower and a cup of chamomile tea.

It worked. My body was calling and I had to answer. This simple act of listening to myself and recognizing that I did not feel good changed the trajectory of the rest of my night, which gave me a good night's rest, and a significant charge for the next day. It was self-love and wellness. Love wellness.

All because I communicated with myself. 

Sometimes when we are feeling really out of our joy and especially when it seems to come out of nowhere, there could be something negative going on with our energy. It's time to check in with yourself

Creating a system of self-communication sets us up for a much more powerful and consistent way to not only realize when we are out of alignment but the ability to get in alignment quickly. 

Try one of the muscle testing methods listed in this document and use it to check in with yourself too when you are feeling out of sorts.

Have you ever tried this method to see what messages your body wants to give to you? Do you have any other ways of tapping into your internal communication system?  Please share! 

Also, if you are looking for a free meditation to help you feel better, click here.



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