Finding Joy Where You Are


Last week I wrestled with the notion of examining the source of my grievance. Things show up, they annoy me and there appears a fork in the road. Do I examine the source of the angst or do I ignore it? 

Sometimes the road to wellness asks you to devote time to healing; uncovering the core of the challenge, and then coming out the other side where transformation occurs. When working with clients I locate the source of their energetic blocks and work with their energy to release and transform them. This is something I can do. However, sometimes the road to wellness just asks you to find the gifts in the moment. This is something I am always learning to do.

There was a moment last week that occurred at the intersection of too many dirty dishes, a severe lack of sleep and a storm of emotions from my pre-teen that nearly sent me over the edge. I could feel the voltage of emotions ramping up inside of me and I took several deep breaths and thought for a moment, what is going on here - why do I feel this way? Then my next thought, which was way better, showed up, “wait a second, who cares? How do I want to feel? 

I realized that I didn’t need to locate the source of my stresses, I had to remember my power to choose my emotions. I pulled the reigns back on my escalating feelings and realized that I just wanted to feel happy. I remembered that nothing has the power to make me happy or sad, it is my reaction to circumstances that summons feelings. Instead of reacting to my environment, I was now responding. Responding is choosing, reacting is not.

My new response: choose joy.  


I made a micro decision at that moment that had a macro effect on my entire week:  regardless of the circumstances, seek out the joy in all of them. If there is none, create some.  

Right there amid dishes, I reminded myself that I was grateful to have had the food that nurtured my family and that these dishes were a sign of being fortunate. I also reminded myself that my child’s negative emotions are indicative of her evolving and that she is becoming who she is in a safe place. 

The world I have created for us allows us to have what we need and become who we are meant to become. Then I located some Saturday Night Live clips to watch while I finished the dishes and realigned myself with laughter. 

Through this self-imposed lens, I was able to rekindle the joy in my heart that had been missing. The fork in the road I chose was to responding to my world instead of reacting to it and from there the rest of the path became a lot more beautiful.

What do you think? 

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