• Seeing with Love’s Lens

    Love’s lenses are a freeing way to view the world around you. We are all wearing some form of lenses from which we view our world, and the vantage point is make-or-break. No matter what lenses you chose to view your life from, you will always be right. 

  • The Obstacle is the Gift

    You only get obstacles when you are moving forward.

    I had to remind myself of this today.

    I was determined to record a meditation and realized quickly that over the July 4th weekend in the States I was going to have to be very strategic about my timing.

  • The Greatest Gift

    It's amazing that we somehow still feel alone (and sometimes embarrassed) with our feelings, when in fact we rarely are. There is almost always someone in our lives that is feeling the same way too.
  • Removing Creative Blocks with Balance

    I have begun painting again. It is such a glorious feeling. It is funny to say that I have BEGUN painting again but for so many months I was creatively blocked. 

    What I noticed most is that creativity is a flow. It is like an ocean: constantly ebbing in and out.

    But, if the ocean were put into a glass, it would become a glass of water and nothing more. Its spark would dim. 

    So how does that translate for us/me / being creatively blocked?
  • From Polarity to Possibility

    You can create something new. Something you really want to have.

    We can easily become limited in our visions for what is possible for ourselves because often we base them on what others have or what we do not have. From those two limited ranges, we are polarizing our visions for ourselves and our possibilities. 

  • Finding Joy Where You Are

    Last week I wrestled with the notion of examining the source of my grievance. Things show up, they annoy me and there appears a fork in the road. Do I examine the source of the angst or do I ignore it? 
  • The Joy of A Life Less Meaningful

    I’ve been lucky enough to connect with a beautiful healer. She gave me this wonderful coaching session and from it I gathered that most of my worr...
  • Tips for Dealing with Mental Exhaustion and Anxiety in an Uncertain Time

    It is easy to want to go about activities as normal and even to overcompensate and appear that you are unaffected, but the truth is it’s extremely normal to be extremely abnormal during a time like this.
  • How to Communicate with Your Body to Feel Better

    I started feeling a bit overwhelmed recently. It was a shift that I didn’t like. I had meditated earlier and got into a good place that morning bu...
  • Peace from Within

    We are constantly being knocked off our blocks by the events of life around us. Despite consistent efforts to preserve our mental health, one glanc...
  • Bloom

    What would bloom in your garden today?

    If we think of our thoughts as seeds and our feelings around those thoughts as fertilizer, what would bloom in your life today?

    I have this personal theory that everything shows up about three days later. I think that the thoughts we think begin to show up in our world as experiences in about three days. I have no scientific evidence backing this up, but it does allow for some personal leeway and accountability.

  • Releasing the Old

    Letting go of outdated energy is not often voluntary. When our energy system gets overwhelmed with what we need to let go of, it rebels. Dis-ease in the body, sadness in the mind, over worry or cloudy thinking are all symptoms of holding on to too old much energy.