Do you feel like creativity is just for Artists?

When I tell people that I am an Artist I often hear them say, “ I don’t have one creative bone in my body.” To which I reply, I am sure you do.

I say that because I really believe that everyone is creative. We just have to re-write the definition of what creative means and look at from the viewpoint of the choices we make. These choices are our moment by moment brushstrokes on the canvas of our worlds creating the picture of our lives.

Each choice we make determines the moment that follows it. We are creating our futures moment by moment by the mico choices we make all day long.

From the moment you wake you are making choices that will determine the outcome of your day. Often times these choices are habits, like brushing your teeth, making coffee, working out (or not working out). Sometimes these choices are as simple, or for some complex, as deciding your outfit for the day.  Each of these morning choices determines the foundation of your day.  Throughout the rest of your day you will face seemingly endless micro choices; pick up the phone, ignore it? reply to this email, ignore it? Call the one you have been thinking about for 5 years, or ignore that idea?  Stay within the comfort zone or try something new?

Start recognizing where you already are creative in your own life. Look at the things you love  – how do you express yourself around your loved ones?  What ways do you create moments that matter? Look at the ways you create peace, inspiration or even dialogue. Look at the way you express yourself.

Being a creative is about the way you express yourself in the world.  But it is not limited to creating artwork. From the way you dress, meals you cook or order in, the music you choose, the artwork you look at. The moments you create in your own life count too.

I think by realizing that you, in fact, possess these creative powers innately, and use them daily, you will start to look at your world a bit more differently. Seeing that you have actually placed the items in your life there for a reason.

It is a beautiful way to look at your everyday. It is easy to overlook the small actions you choose through the day as random ones. When in fact it is the collection of micro-choices that make up our macro world. There is something about you that is choosing this cup over that one, or this colour shirt over another. And only you can make this choice for your life.

An interesting experiment is to examine how you create on purpose is to take a notebook with you one day and jot down all of the choices you make throughout your day on one column and on the other write why. Small or large they all count.

If we start to see how we create big moments out of little ones we can start to see how powerful we are.

At the end of the day, you are a great artist. You are creating your life. You are the artist of your life and your world. So why not make it your masterpiece.

Big Hug Great Creator – Stay Amazing!

Elizabeth Tuckwell is the founder of Art With Intention a site devoted to creative expression and personal peace. She is also an accomplished Abstract Artist and her work can be viewed at