Your imagination is such a powerful part of you. In fact, if you spell the
word imagine out loud it sounds like ” I am a genie” because you are
and it is.

Every once in a while my 7-year-old starts on a worry route. She will
have watched or heard something that tipped her mind in the wrong direction, like a
scary part of a movie, or a bad dream, and she will start to ask a
series of “what if” questions all designed to calm (or cement) her

“What if it is real?”
“What if that really happens”
“What if something like that happens to me?”

I comfort her, ensure her that it was all pretend. I tell her that she is safe.

And then I tell her that she is just using her imagination the wrong
way. She has the power to imagine anything. Don’t choose what feels
horrible. Choose what feels good. Those what if questions are gatekeepers to your imagination.

It is the essence of worry. Worry is simply using your imagination
the wrong way. Using it to bring you closer to your fears versus towards your joy. When we go the route of worry we are using our “What If” muscles to create something we don’t want instead of what we do want.

Two sides of the coin, both just as powerful.

Growing up we are trained to dismiss this power of our imagination as a frivolous
part of our make-up. But it is actually an indispensable part of our
lives.  If we can begin to see anything in our mind, and do it often
enough. we will see that our minds will start to bring that to us.

There is a part of our brains designed for this. It is the Reticular
Activating System. It is a part of the brain that filters all of the
information coming at you. It only takes in what you have deemed most
important by your habitual mental setup. The thoughts you think over and over and over.

Your consistent application of your imagination.

Holding a thought in your mind and imagining that thought coming
true is holding a space in your life for something to come in.

Whether it is good or not so good. Staying aware and in ownership of this is learning to master what we intentionally place in our lives versus what shows up by default.

We are easy creatures of habit and this also includes our thoughts and what we allow as the focus of our attention. Checking our phones every
3 minutes, waking up and staring at a screen, binging on Netflix, video games –  all gives our attention away and eludes our ability to our focus. This all takes away from us intentionally using our imagination.

Picture in your mind having something that you really want right now.


  • How much time do you give to this one idea throughout the day?
  • How much time do you spend imagining what it would be like to have this in your life?
  • How much of your day do you outsource your attention to the things around you?

Take a moment to expand on what you are really wanting? Feel how what you want to feel when you have it. Now imagine that desire hovering over you like a light above your head.

Now imagine it descending into your whole being. Feel the warmth and gentle confidence it is bringing to you. Hold this feeling for as long as you can. Then let it go.

You have just used your imagination to bring you what you do want.

Doing this intentionally and on repeat will start to bring more of what you really want to you. It will start to tip that RAS in your favor.

When you begin to go down the path of worry, realize you are simply using your imagination to bring you what you don’t want. You can stop it in its tracks and turn the vision around. Imagine the opposite. That everything IS working. That it is becoming easier and easier. Imagine that situation simply floating away from you resolving itself. Win Win for all.  You just used your imagination to bring you what you do want.

You have this power that totally listens to you. It is impartial. What your use your imagination for it will bring to you. So let’s start intentionally using it for good. Even more than good – let’s start using it for the Best of the Best right now.

And we all want that, right?

Happy intentional creating! Love you!

Would love to know your thoughts/ feelings / ideas? Xoxox

Want more info on the Reticular Activating System?:


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