Sometimes a notebook will lay waiting for days on the chair next to me. Its call so silent that it deafens me. It’s potential so great that I have to pretend that it is not there; that there is no need to feed its blank pages with the scribbles from my mind. And each day that goes by without me working with it, I feel more guilty than the day before. Why? Because I am a born creator, just like you. When I am not actively engaging with that part of me and allowing it to lay dormant, I lose access to so many great benefits. The benefit of release, the benefit of healing, the benefit of processing, the benefit of new ideas and inspiration. Creating sure has its advantages – but the problem is that I sometimes don’t know how much energy or time I want to commit to a creative project so I just don’t commit any at all. And then I feel crappy because being on the creating side of being a creator is pretty important.

So yesterday I struck a deal between my creative side and my noncommittal side. It was a deal with a timer and a pen. I would allow myself five whole minutes of non-stop writing and at the end of it I could do something else. Anything. It was the perfect start. A Win-Win! And it was.

There is something very powerful and very alive waiting for you on the other side that five minutes. You have opened the door to your fire, your spark, your imagination. For me, it was finally clearing out some cobwebs so that I could start to form real stories and ideas and paragraphs.  For me, five minutes easily, and happily, became thirty.

Even if the five minutes stayed only five minutes, I would have been happy. I engaged with a bigger part of myself and allowed myself to disconnect with the “every day” and bring in something new. The part of me that has answers to questions and clarity and magic and so much more.

Sometimes we simply do not even know where to start. Maybe we don’t even have a notebook patiently waiting for us. Even if it is a napkin and a pen, just doodle for five minutes. The idea is to get your creative juices flowing.  It’s so important.

If you are looking for some creative five-minute prompts, I have four of them waiting for you now. Head over to my creator’s lounge and download your free creative prompts.  You can spend as much time on them as you would like, even if it is only five minutes.  Xo Elizabeth