Seeing with Love’s Lenses

A woman I know looked at her phone and shook her head. She walked over to me and said look at this text message my husband just sent me.

It was a list of things to remember before her big trip.

I looked at it and said, “Oh look at all the ways he is telling you he loves you.”

Her expression totally changed. “Ohhh”, she said, “I was looking at this and thinking God look how he is micro managing me.   But you totally changed that for me.” A few weeks later she came up to me and showed me a text on her phone again and this time she said, “look at all the ways my husband is telling me he loves me.”  We both laughed!

How much better does it feel to look at something and feel the love from it than to feel constricted by it?

Love’s lenses are an incredible and freeing way to view the world around you. We are all in fact wearing some form of lenses that we view our world from and the vantage point is make or break.  No matter what lenses you chose to view your life from, you will always be right.  That is why it can be difficult to be in a relationship with someone (lover, partner, friend, colleague, parent, etc) where you do not share the same type of lenses. Especially if one person is heavily invested in their perspective.

Recently a friend called me to express her need for some help. She said she felt isolated and believed that there were not a lot of people in her life to help her.  She asked me to reach out and see if support was available for her. What I found was an outpouring of love and people wanting so much to help her. There was so much love available for her. But in her limited perspective she was only able to see some of it. How much better did she feel when the world of love that was surrounding her actually was able to be viewed because her lenses had shifted from isolation to that of love?

When we are only looking at life through one set of lenses, we are looking for life to appear a certain way. That is a bit rigid and our self-imposed lenses will also allow you to only see what is in line with that viewpoint.

What is important here is to allow for the possibilities of other viewpoints to come into play. It makes life’s playground a lot bigger and possibilities for personal expansion much greater. One perspective is one path and there is only one way to go. Opening up to other perspectives, lenses and interpretations of an event creates growth.

So ask yourself this question the next time you are feeling especially constricted by a situation, “If I looked at this through the lenses of love, what would I see?” I am willing to bet the farm that what you will see will be a lot more beautiful than anything before. Give it a try!

Big Hug!

Elizabeth Tuckwell is the founder of Art With Intention a site devoted to creative expression and personal peace. She is also an accomplished Abstract Artist and her work can be viewed at