Letting go of outdated energy is not often voluntary and when the system gets overwhelmed with what we need to let go if it rebels. Dis-ease in the body, sadness in the mind, over worry or cloudy thinking are all symptoms of holding on to too old much energy.

Think of old computers and when the hard drive is overwhelmed with outdated software programs. It freezes. It gets stuck. It starts acting very strange. That is the same with us. When we are running outdated programs (energy) our hardware (mind/body) gets stuck.

But unlike computers, we have the luxury of being in charge and releasing what is no longer working.

There are so many ways to do this. You can guess which ones we will be working with.

What are some areas/things /people/situations you are ready to release?

For me, a lot of the shadows that came up were about my “doing-ness” in the outer world vs my nurturing of my inner world. I had to take notice and give in to myself. Naps were the antidote. Just resting without a quest of any kind. Was so luxurious. ❤️

Guess what? After you release all that expired energy you have room in your life for something new!!