I did it! The other day I shot out of bed like a kid on Christmas morning. I was full of vigor, might and all the potential joy in the world. The 364 days leading up to that day I had been wanting to start a morning routine where I managed to work out, meditate and set the intentions for the day all before waking up my daughter. Today was the day!

My intention was to create my own energy field and remain aligned with it throughout the day.  What does this mean? It means that instead of having my feelings be based on reactions to my day, I would have a day based on the way I wanted to feel. I was going to decide how I wanted to feel that day and not waiver from that – no matter what. Obviously, I wanted to feel good. Real good. All day.

And today was the day! I got up extra early and did yoga, ran on the elliptical, had a wonderful shower then meditated. I was feeling great. Today was going to be amazing!

I woke my daughter and we got our day started with some crazy accents, major silliness and lots of laughter.  I knew that this day was going to be amazing for her as well because it was starting so beautifully ahhhh… (I am sure there is a choir of angels in that sentence somewhere).

Then it happened. Without warning my sweet child turned on me. There were more tantrums than I could count. And they were all happening in micro seconds. Shirts were not comfortable. Oatmeal was not pretty. Life had become totally unbearable in a matter of minutes. Tears were flying and I was standing there stunned. Did my seven-year-old child not understand that mommy had already decided today was going to be amazing. At no point had I added a buffet of tantrums to that list of loveliness. So what was this?!!

After we moved through the rest of our morning and I dropped off my daughter at school, I walked away thinking heavily about the morning that had gone south despite my 6 am pep rally. The day that followed had a few hiccups too and I almost began to call this day a wash by 9:30 am when I realized that it was still very much in my control! Wait, what? Despite everything that had happened I still had a major playing card. My decision to have my day aligned with peace. No matter what. I had cultivated that feeling at the very beginning of the morning and I could reactivate it anytime. I started to realize that this day was less about things going wrong as it was about me testing myself.

I heard once that when you pray for peace you are not sent peace, you are sent challenges that force you to choose peace. What you seek must be cultivated on the inside for it to be real. I had made a decision to own the way the day felt for me at the beginning of the day. It was not up to the world to make sure this happened, it was up to me. So what happened. I got a day that asked me how serious I was about this? How committed to me am I?

I thought about this over and over throughout the day. I began to see each hiccup as an opportunity to re-establish my connection with what I really wanted this day to be for me. It was a liberating way to move through the day. Each time something went left when I wanted it to go right, I simply told myself to not take it personally and move on.

Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements started playing in my head. It outlines the four basic tenants of wisdom that, when followed, make life a lot easier:

Be impeccable with your word.
Don’t take anything personally.
Don’t make assumptions.
Always do your best.

I went through this simple list and related it to my decision to stay in aligned with peace. It was, and is, such an excellent guidepost for keeping in harmony throughout the day.

Since that morning I have been taking this concept to other areas of my life. Setting feeling intentions before anything happens. Reminding myself of how I want to feel.  Knowing that if something externally has me deviate from these feelings, it is up to my internal guidance system to get me back on track.

I think this is some serious life mastery stuff we are talking about. And when it works it really works. Does this technically mean I am adult-ing??

Question: How do you want to feel today? Tomorrow? Next week? Right Now?
You have the right to decide that. You also have the power to make it happen.

Big Hug Beautiful Creator!
Elizabeth Tuckwell is the founder of Art With Intention a site devoted to creative expression and personal peace. She is also an accomplished Abstract Artist and her work can be viewed at Elizabethtuckwell.com.