I am pretty sure meditation saved my life this week.

I had signed up for a Reiki session. It was my first. I have heard wonderful things about it. But never experienced it myself.

Unfortunately the practitioner called me to cancel the session due to a family emergency.  I was bummed. It was a Sunday and I had already arranged the childcare.. I was also bummed because a recent compendium of challenges that showed up really had me feeling quite mixed up energetically.   I wasn’t lining up with myself and I could feel it.

So there I was at Noon on a Sunday with time to myself and not sure what to do with it. My first thought, “paint”. My second thought. “clean”. My third thought, “no no no please don’t clean!!” Then then I looked at this space on my floor and decided I was good enough at meditation and energy work, I’ll give myself a reiki session.

Without knowing what a reiki session would entail, I knew I could move my own energy with intention and could allow myself the gift of cleaning up my own energy. I could give myself an experience that was bigger than sitting in meditation. I could give myself a healing session. So I did.

First I prepared a space.

A feather bed on the floor with blankets and pillows.  I added some hemi-sync music from Spotify into my headphones.  

I then set the intention.

The night before I had a dream where I was trying to move through a room but could not because there was this large lump on the floor blocking me.  I knew when I woke that I had a blockage in my energy that needed to go. So I set the intention to move out old blockages and stagnant energy.

I laid down, put the headphones on and allowed the experience to happen.  It was wonderful, beautiful and very surprising.

(If you want to know exactly what I did during this self directed energy healing, email me.)

I saw images that showed me what I needed to release and I really moved energy within me. I even cried. A lot. This was working.  I spent about 45 minutes in this space and when I got up I felt like I had a fresh pair of eyes. And I felt so sooooo good.

I decided to follow whatever urges my body asked for that day and the first one was eating a huge HUGE salad. In my mind’s eye I  could see the red cabbage, spinach, kale, cilantro, parsley, dill, capers, black olives, tomatoes, sweet peppers, sweet potatoes, carrots and avocados. That was exactly what I was going to have.  Except I had only a few of those ingredients in my home. A trip to the shop was next!

I drove to the shop down the road and felt so much more at peace and relaxed than I normally do. When I get into my car I am usually calm, but I tend to move from point a to b without much observation or need to overly pause. I am in a car to get there fast. Lets go.  

But not this time. I was was so grounded. My body felt so at peace. I was more patient than usual and when bikers drove in front of me I was very mindful of giving them extra caution and space.  Felt nice.

At the intersection, as we waited for the lights to go from red to green, the biker in front of me signaled that she was going left.  As I was going left, I set out to follow her easily when the light turned green. But something happened. I had this feeling of just pause and care. I wanted to wait just one extra second and make sure she made her turn fully before I began. Then just as I began to put my foot on the accelerator another car came speeding towards me coming up on my drivers side. This driver was running the red light and going about 60 miles per hour in a 25 miles an hour zone to do so. The light had already turned. She must have made this decision when the light had turned yellow about a few hundred feet back causing her to speed up insanely.  If I had not paused, not felt grounded not felt calm and centered, I would not be writing this email to you today. I would have been in a very powerful car accident and where the other driver would have smashed into me completely totaling my car. Not to mention what kind of domino effect would have occurred with the other cars. I do not know if I would have survived.  I honestly do not.

But what I do know is that if I had not been relaxed that moment. In my own space and connected to the world around me I would have zoomed ahead as I usually do without even thinking of stopping. And because I had taken the time to give myself what I needed. To ground my energy and release what I was carrying. That my taking the time to care about myself resulted in me caring more for those around me (the bikers in front of me) and for that reason I am alive today.

This was a powerful reminder of just how significant having our own spaced cleaned out and owned fully by us really is. What  difference it makes to be grounded.

If you are feeling less than “yourself” these days, feeling out of your own space, feeling less than in touch with your own joy, remember that it is most likely a result of carrying way too much energy on you.  And by some grounding and self care work you can begin to remove the layers of “the everything else” and get back to the beautiful gold that is you.

I have a free Creative Jump Start which starts with a beautiful meditation to release energy.

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And as always, if you want to reach out and connect with me in person, I am always here.


Much love,