Keeping things very real:

This week was a doozy. The beginning of the week had my little one sick, the end of the week I had food poising, then my external hard drive died and I lost 5 years’ worth of work and memories.   My podcast, No Worries Wednesdays, was not produced this week because of it, my apologies to my audience. It will be up and running again next week.   But I had a choice, completely freak out and wonder why all things felt doomtastic or realize that sometimes there is just a reset button that happens in life, whether we are ready for it or not.

My food poising caused me to not eat for a few days and during those days I felt a sense of clarity and grounded-ness that I had not felt in ages.  I had to question what was I eating? Why is it that I felt so clear on such an empty stomach?  It has made me look at the amount of sugar I intake, my caffeine consumption, and a few other things. I have all but ceased the sugar and cut out coffee. (tea still rocks) but I feel better.  I would not have gotten to this moment today without that awful Saturday morning.

The work, the art, the archives of memories.  Well that still hurts. But what to do?  Realize that the best memories are the ones in my heart. I have enough scatterings of my images on social media to recover some items and for the rest, well a clean slate and a fresh start is what’s next on the menu.

It feels good to have this perspective. It’s taken me ages to leave the omgwhatisgoingtohappenworry behind. But the practice of creating art and meditation help clear away the illusions and keep me focused on what is actually important.  My child is healthy and happy, my artwork is a gift to create, my Watercolor Poetry class is going so well good, my upcoming workshop is going to be amazing, I am healthy and happy and surrounded by amazing people, like you.  That is what is real!

I’ll have more of that. The rest is just accessory.

So what is next for you? If you had a total reset button pressed, would you be ok with it?  What matters most to you and what for you is just accessory?

Are you clear about what matters most to you?

If you would like to engage is a fun class designed to help you do just that and you are in Chicago, sign up for my new workshop Watercolor Vision Board.  Spend two fun hours creating the vision for the life you want and creating beauty in your world. You may just create some memories that last a lifetime. The kind that stay in your heart.

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Big Love!


Elizabeth Tuckwell is the founder of Art With Intention a site devoted to creative expression and personal peace. She provides creative coaching to remove old energy and gain clarity. You can learn more about working with her here:   She is also an accomplished Abstract Artist and her work can be viewed at