How to Stay Inspired

I came back from an amazing trip to California feeling extremely inspired! The sunshine and ocean were a balm to my thoughts and an elixir to my winter.

My wander through the redwood forest was nothing less than total replenishment.  I gazed upwards at prehistoric trees and felt alive and nurtured by nature.

Back in my winterland, I had been experiencing some major up-hill battles in my personal life. This trip to California took me out of my everyday surroundings and gave me the aliveness needed to create some long lasting perspective shifts, clarity and figure out some action steps. I was recharged!

When I returned to the Midwest, I soon I found myself in my old world habits and routines.  The feeling of excitement and anticipation was fading fast and I could feel it. The great ideas I wanted to implement began to take second-place to an older energy.  All my victorious clarity and zeal began to dim in the light of an environment I had grown too familiar with.

But my 51 percent was still in the new energy and I was determined to stay there.

Determination is a powerful tool, and when used correctly, can move mountains. Especially energetic ones.

I decided to take some immediate action steps to anchor in my new energy. To keep the feeling of my new desires fresh and alive I did the following:

  • I made a huge sign and hung it in my kitchen where I would see it every day. I took the ticket I had from my trip, taped it to my sign and drew a big red star it. That paper on my wall was a physical reminder of an energetic memory.  I put it near an area where I habitually cooked or cleaned to counteract the density of habit.
  • I dedicated a color to remind me of that energy shift and declared it out loud. Every time I saw the color red I would be reminded of a moment on my trip to California when I felt most clear and confident.
  • I put on a red thread around my wrist to keep me in view of my dreams.

These markers made the difference between staying stuck or moving forward. I moved very forward.

It is wonderful to feel totally alive and inspired by a new experience, thought or idea.  Yet it can be all too easy lose sight of its importance when we return to our “normal”.

External environments hold meaning for us. And when we change internally we must not allow our environments to hold us back from becoming a new version of ourselves.

This can especially be true with our New Year Resolutions. To create new ways of being in the world, we have to create new habits and actions.  If you find yourself fresh off of a new experience and want to keep it alive it is worth surrounding yourself reminders of the experience.  But how. Here are a few ways to keep the momentum alive.

  • Set up a visual anchors in your home or office (like a poster)
  • Write a letter to yourself telling yourself all the great ideas you have and how inspired you are by this new thought or experience. Post it to yourself and when it arrives you will be able to reconnect with the energy. (Plus it is always nice getting real mail!)
  • Set reminders on your phone to pop up daily with the new thought.
  • Dedicate a color to the feeling or new energy you want to bring in.
  • Or simply write a few post it notes with an affirmations of the experience and post somewhere you will see them every day.

Surround yourself with reminders of the new energy you are bringing in. It is super easy to maintain the consistency of the old, bringing in the new will take practice and attention to it. But stay strong because once you do it will feel so worth it!

If you feel like you would like some help with moving any resistance and bringing in new energy or creating an artistic way to anchor in your new energy – work with me. Schedule a call with me to get started.

Elizabeth Tuckwell is the founder of Art With Intention a site devoted to creative expression and personal peace. She is also an accomplished Abstract Artist and her work can be viewed at