You can create something new.

We get a little limited in our visions for ourselves because sometimes we based them off of what others have or what we do not have. From those two limited spaces we are confining our visions for ourselves.

The polarity comes when we place a sense of earned deserve-ability (what we are allowed to have) based on some yet unattained version of our future self.

“When I do _________ I can finally have __________.”

With this limited allowance we cut ourselves off from a vast net of possibilities.

It is the difference between believing our choices are between black or white or gray to realizing our choices are full spectrum rainbow (and the infinite color combinations there).

So how do we connect to the infinite space of what is possible for us?

There are some great tricks to expanding your vision for yourself.

Imagination is really the key. Playing the what if game with yourself and after each what if question you pause for a few minutes and felt the experience in your body is a great place to start.

For example if you wanted to leave your desk job but weren’t sure where to go from there you may want to ask;

What if I worked outside?
What if I worked on a boat?
What if I was a pilot ?
What if I never had to work again and did what I wanted when I wanted where I wanted?

After each question take the time to feel what it would be like to have that? Does this feel good? Does this idea bring me joy? Mmm…ok let’s explore something close to this…

There is no harm to anyone when you play in your imagination. But by doing so you can start to open up areas of yourself that are unexplored and ready to be born.

When you begin to connect with experiences that appeal to you own them.

There is no “allowed to have”. It is, rather, “I am claiming my right to have”. You are the captain of your life and can steer this baby any way you want to. You have the full right to a life that feels good to you.

What are some what if questions you have now?

For me I would have to start by asking:
What if this conversation was in person and happening right now in the Caribbean on a beach?… Oh that felt good!