I am holding a warm cup of lemon tea listening to a podcast. This moment was a long time in the making.

Today I realized in all of my doing I was forgetting to do one very crucial thing: Self-nurture.

It is a bit cold today. That gives me an opportunity to bundle up and get a bit closer to..well, me. Later, a cup of warm lemon tea found me and the warmth of the cup fills my hand and makes me feel so cozy. The funny thing is that I am sitting at a desk. The podcast is in my headphones and the experience surrounding me would otherwise not be a nurturing setting. But it is because I have decided it to be. By pausing and grounding inside of the moment and really connecting with it I am creating an alignment within me.

This sense of inner alignment is a gift to ourselves. It is grounding and puts us into ownership of our own space.

This weekend will be filled with a lot of calls for you to be out of your space, try to remember to take a few minutes and create that connection to what you are doing when you are doing it. That connection with the present moment is that connection with yourself.

Find ways to give yourself the gift of realignment. You deserve it today and always.

Elizabeth Tuckwell is the founder of Art With Intention a site devoted to creative expression and personal peace. She is also an accomplished Abstract Artist and her work can be viewed at Elizabethtuckwell.com.