Horray Life is Meaningless!

I’ve been lucky enough to connect with a beautiful healer. Her Name is Sally (link to her at the bottom). She gave me this wonderful coaching session and from it, I gathered that most of my worry comes from assigning meaning to things that do not necessarily need to have any assigned.

It opened up a whole new way of thinking that I had long since forgotten about.

That thinking is: Life is actually meaningless.  It is only when we DECIDE what something means then it means that thing. Waaaaa???!!!!

We make our decisions on what significance something has usually based on a whole lot of our own personal background.  Things we already believe to be true. (Regardless whether those things are really true, we have decided that they were, so they are.) This system of beliefs that we hold on to then creates the meanings of other things that are showing up in our lives.

Usually, the value we give to something is a direct reflection of the value we give ourselves.  Listen to this week’s podcast to learn more:

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