Dear Vinny, It’s almost your birthday. 

This morning i got up at 6 after having fallen asleep at 2 I am so tired.

I got up made my girl muffins for lunch did the dishes from two days ago and managed to squeeze in a shower and a wee morning round of mommy Violette soccer (indoor) (never win this???) breakfast and getting sweet one off to school. Kids are amazing. Did you know that when you say put your shoes on they hear: do an improv dance? Or. 

Brush your teeth translates to go to the bathroom and stare into space.

Don’t worry we had a full three minutes to make the 5 minute walk.

I ran to the train 

Set up my social media posts 

Edited images

Read a few articles from Harvard business review onpoint

Ran to the next bus

Played chemical brothers and prodigy until I landed in my seat for the 9-5 I signed up for last august. 

It’s so much vinny. I’m tired as hell but if I stop moving I’ll never get to finally stop moving so damn much. 

This weekend I’m painting! I promise.

Love you,