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“I would like to take a moment to give my deepest gratitude to Elizabeth Tuckwell, an amazing woman whose intuitive coaching helped me last year reconnect with my creative heart. Without her help, I would not have committed to my muse, which sent me on a journey to write the first draft of a novel and another draft of a children’s picture book, tried a new painting style, and thereby opened the way to a new avenue of self-expression and creativity. One that truly feels authentic. If you would like to reconnect with your creative heart, need a breakthrough, need a creative coach, cheerleader and a sage, then I highly recommend you contact her..”
“For the 10 days prior to the session, I was feeling “out of sorts”, even having a panic attack the morning of the session. I simply felt heavy and as though any small thing could tip me over the edge of anxiety. Immediately after the session, I lighter and my head felt more clear. By the following morning (the session was in the late afternoon) I felt almost renewed. I felt my sense of purpose was back and my productivity, calmness and clarity were all heightened, in a fantastic way!”
“I went into our call with hopes of opening and gaining clarity. The results were absolutely beyond my expectations. The meditations were so beautiful and your intuition was so wise.”

I started this journey with one idea that I had when I was a very young child.

“There must be something more than this.”

I was a worried child. Very shy and awkward with an extra dash of anxiety. My external world was chaotic and I was carrying that internally.

Even at the young age of eight I knew there was a better way to feel and be in the world. I just had no idea how to get there.

Fast forward to college and my very first art class. It was metalsmithing. During the art-making process, I felt something I had never felt before. Pure peace. The silence of my monkey mind, the silence of the fears, and the silence of worries. Tremendous calm.

When I created artwork I stepped outside of my self and shifted into a realm where I could see outside of my challenges and process solutions. What was this magical gift? I wanted more. I found painting and never looked back.

Fast forward again a few years. I lost a man whom I loved deeply through suicide. This affected me in a way I had never experienced before. My internal world was in devastation and it showed externally. My anxiety was now at an all-time high and I was living out of my own light. “There must be more than this,” the thought I had as a child was once again making itself known. It was at this time I began to explore the healing arts.

I started to learn about the unseen world of energy that makes up our entire reality. I learned that our experiences live on inside of us and can keep us stuck until they are processed and released.  I learned about chakras, energy, meditation, and intuition. I learned about vibration and concepts of frequency. I learned that we are all vibrational bodies with incredible spirts housed within them.   And then something incredible happened.

Fast forward again many years later. I have healed so much and learned so much along the way I have begun to teach others to how to access these tools for healing. I start leading guided meditations and hosting art and meditation workshops.  This leads me to give life coaching sessions and individual healing sessions.

It was when I began to work with people one on one I discovered I had an ability to see energy. Really see it. Their energy.  This came as a surprise to me. During a coaching call, I was leading someone through a guided visualization. Suddenly images began to spontaneously shift, change and appear in my mind. These images represented where my client was on her path. I could see what blocks she was facing and I knew how to instruct her energy to shift into healing and clarity. By the end of the call, both the client and I had reached a new level. I have never looked back.

As I have continued on this path, I have healed countless people around the globe. I feel so completely humbled to have this gift and to have it grow stronger.  I have helped people recover emotionally after they were unhinged from long term medical treatments. I have helped people reignite with their sense of possibilities when they were filled with doubt. I have helped artists reconnect with their creativity when they felt blocked. I have helped people who have had truly broken hearts to find love for themselves.  The list is endless. The list is beautiful.

What I have learned from working with so many beautiful souls is that we are all more alike than we realize. That so much of the energy we carry simply is not our own energy.  I learned that if the voice in your head is unkind to you, it is not your voice. You own energy loves you and the moments in life that keep us stuck are reminders that it is time to move forward.

I am here to help us all take a giant leap forward.

Through personal guided meditations, energy release exercises and personalized creative assignments, I encourage, inspire and remind others to walk the road that leads to the fullest expression of themselves. Are you ready?

Let’s work together.

I love you,


About Your Coaching Session:

Coaching Services

My role as a healer: I am here to remind you that you contain an inner reservoir of power and value. By removing layers of outdated energy and external perspectives we reveal our true, pure essence and rekindle our relationship with ourselves. This is where self-trust is reignited and our power to create anything becomes limitless.

About Coaching Sessions:

The session begins with a deep meditation to relax you and bring you into the present moment. We will then begin a conversation allowing you to release what you are holding in and talk openly and honestly.  Allow tears. We love tears. I will use my intuition to guide the conversation and allow you to release even further.  Following this, we will move into a psychic meditation where I will be able to look at your energy in symbols. I will describe what I see and help guide you in shifting the energy from a psychic standpoint.  After this, I will give you an artistic/creative assignment designed specifically for you. This will help to further process what you have released and bring in a new energy.

30 Minutes $75.00 / 60 Minutes $150.00 / 90 Minutes $225.00