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Online Class:

Meditation and Intuitive Painting

Are you feeling overwhelmed, overworked and stressed?  Do you need more focus to get through your day? Would you like to feel more relief?

This current class is an opportunity to release stress, find relief and focus more deeply on yourself.

Each class will begin with a guided meditation to relieve stress and create mental clarity and release creative blocks.

Class is hosted on Zoom and can be taken from anywhere in the world. This is a six-week class meeting each Monday from 6-7 pm CST. There will be a suggested materials list sent to you. All classes will be recorded and available for replay.

Online One Day Workshop:

Watercolor Vision Board

Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do.  In addition to creating this powerful tool, we will also use the gift of watercolors to add beauty and feeling to our vision board.  After the watercolor and collage making process, we will go into meditation to anchor in the energy of our vision board.

 In this hands-on workshop, you will:

    • Create your own personalized Vision Board 
    • Learn watercolor techniques anyone can do
    • Learn what a Vision Board is and why it’s a powerful tool to help you clarify your dreams and desires
    • Move away from what you don’t want and figure out what you do want.

Workshop includes a meditation.

Online Class

Watercolor Poetry

Give yourself tools to live a deeper and more intentional life. Using the evocative nature of poetry and the expressive power of painting this class will give you tools to take intentional ownership of your feelings and navigate being a sensitive person in a non-stop world. 

 In this multi-week  class, you will:

    • Create your own emotional visual vocabulary  
    • Learn watercolor techniques anyone can do
    • Discover how poetry can unlock your emotions and how that can free you to live a more expansive life. 

All classes begin with a grounding meditation.

One Day Workshop

Quiet The Noise

Discover how life can affect your relationship with yourself and your ability to hear your inner voice.  Using creative and energetic tools learn how to quiet the noise of the outer world and connect to your own divine inner voice.

Online Class

Intuition Masterclass

What is that inner navigation that we all have? How does it work? How can we learn to hear it, trust it and use it?  This four-week class delivers easy lessons you can apply to your every day life that will connect you more assuringly to your intuition. 

One Day Workshop

The Imagination Workshop

When is the last time you played with your imagination? This workshop challenges your everyday conventions and asks you to go bigger and engage in imaginative meditations, exercises and awaken your inner child.


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