What would bloom in your garden today?

If we think of our thoughts as seeds and our feelings around those thoughts as fertilizer, what would bloom in your life today?

I have this personal theory that everything shows up about three days later.  I think that the thoughts we think show up in our world as experiences in about three days.  The cake binge I experience on Tuesday will show up on my hips by Saturday. The exercise I start on Wednesday, as a result of said cake binge on Tuesday. will help to balance out the hip expansion by Sunday.  I have no scientific evidence backing this up, but it does allow for some personal leeway and accountability.

If I catch my thoughts spiraling in a direction of doom, worry or anxiety (which has been their historical behavior) I can begin to mollify their impact by realizing I have time before they show up in my world as things.  Slow down their momentum and begin to reverse them.

When you are in the same position and you are not liking where your thought machine is going take a deep breath and remind yourself, you have the reigns on this. Then do the following:

Ask yourself – “What will my next thought be?”

(Thank you Mr. Eckhart Tolle – I got that from the Power of Now)   – The empty space that comes from that question is quite profound. It is a way to stop your thought momentum in its tracks.

Then ask yourself how do I want to feel right now?

If your answer is relief or joy or free or happy start to make of list of three things that bring you to those feeling states.   Just three.  Be specific so you can go into the feeling of a memory you can call on to soothe you.

For me I could easily write:

Sometimes we think that by worrying we are committing to a problem that needs solving.  I haven’t read every history book on file, but I am pretty sure there is not one documented case of worrying something better.

Having these three items on a piece of paper in front of me constantly shifts my focus.  These are great moments.  I want more of these.

I start cultivating thoughts I prefer. I plant seeds I want to grow.

So knowing this, and it being the spring time, let’s all begin to cultivate thoughts for what we really do what to bloom into what we desire.

What would be blooming for you today? What do you want to bloom for you in three days?

What seeds are you planting in the garden of your mind?  Let’s make them beautiful flowers.  You deserve nothing less.


Elizabeth Tuckwell is the founder of Art With Intention a site devoted to creative expression and personal peace. She provides creative coaching to remove old energy and gain clarity. You can learn more about working with her here: http://artwithintention.com/one-one/   She is also an accomplished Abstract Artist and her work can be viewed at Elizabethtuckwell.com.

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