How to avoid self-disconnect – Connecting with our clarity before the fog sets in.

The fog is a cloud of murky thinking that is always riding next to us. It usually wakes up a few minutes after we do (mine wakes up about 30 minutes after I do) so when we wake up, it is important to not get sucked into the ordinary morning to do list which can easily desensitize us.

Instead, try connecting with one aspect of your personal energy sources: Yoga, meditation, painting, exercise, or just sit in stillness for a few minutes observing the moment.

This is a good up levelling exercise for your energy.

If you can’t do any of the above. Do this. Just this. When you open your eyes in the morning. Sit up and draw in four deep breaths. Imagine that each exhale pushes an imaginary feather further and further across the room.

Have a beautiful day, Artists. Set the intention to stay aligned in your energy. You are important and you are worth it.