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The Art of Elizabeth Tuckwell

Abstract Family Portraits

An Abstract Family Portrait

The Abstract Family Portrait is a unique and incredible way to create memories for your family that will last a lifetime.

  • A painting for your home that starts with the family – first layer of the painting is created by the family.
  • An exquisite work of art that any home can proudly display.
  • Artwork that stands as a testament to the core bond your family has.
  • Can be created from any location in the world.

What is it and how does it work?

It works just like a commissioned piece of art, but with a twist. An initial consultation is made  to determine the final outcome of the piece. Instead of the artwork being created in its entirety by the artist, you sit together as a family and compose the first layer of the painting.  Rolled primed canvas is sent to your home, along with a box of art supplies (which you keep).  The paints will be water-based and easy to clean up.

When the canvas arrives, simply unroll it, open your art set, gather with your family and paint without restriction. When the canvas is dry, simply roll it and put it back into the container. You will receive a mailing label that you simply affix. Fed Ex will pick up the package at no additional cost to you.

When the artwork is completed it is sent, ready to hang,  back to your home. You can hang this piece proudly knowing your family helped to create it.

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