Elizabeth Tuckwell

Artist  •   Meditation Guide  •  Mindset Coach 


Elizabeth Tuckwell, originally from Evanston, IL has lived in Chicago since 2005. Before that, she was travelling and living in The Netherlands where her self-taught painting style truly developed.

“Painting and drawing became the way I processed my world and my experiences. And they still are. Art has always been my breathing space.”  Ironically she did not discover her love and talent for the arts until a needed college requirement forced her to take her first art class, metalsmithing. ” It was love at first sight and I never stopped the artistic journey.”

From there, she was given a manual camera – and a love for photography, and the darkroom process began.  Painting began to unfold as she embarked on solo travelling a move to a foreign country. “It was a time when I did not have a cell phone. I was exploring the world and there were some awkward times when I did not speak the language nor know anyone, I had to find my own type of solace.  That for me was my artwork. It was both a comfort, a friend and an incredible way to witness my own life. ”

Now she celebrates art with her little girl, Violette, a seven-year-old tour de force of talent.  “Violette is incredibly talented and inspires me on my own creative journey every single day!”

Elizabeth has also developed a process of teaching her abstract style to others and combining it with meditation techniques. She has created a website for art and spirituality, Art With Intention, where others can connect with their inner muse. She has classes and offers intuitive meditation and grounding. She also hosts a free Creative Jump Start Challenge as well as a 21 Day Meditation Journey. You can learn more about that here

“I believe everyone has creative talent, and when we can move past the monkey mind we can tap into an incredible space inside of ourselves where the potential is limitless. I love helping people discover that part of themselves.”


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